After receiving feedback that a small number of our mirrors were arriving in poor condition, we've taken the following actions to ensure they reach you in the best possible condition:

• We've improved our packaging, making the box smaller and adding cardboard 'cushions' around the brackets to prevent them piercing the outer box
• Adding a 'fragile' label to our packaging to ensure they are handled with care
• We've made sure these products are stored at ground level to minimise accidents or damage that could be caused by storing them at height
• We have also placed these products on 100% inspection before dispatch

The products effected were AHA09, AHC09, AHC17 and AHA17, which represented over 70% of all returned mirrors.

We're pleased to be able to confirm that we've had no returns of these products during June, and only two in July (however both of these products were dispatched before the above improvements were made).

We will continue to monitor these products and, as ever, we're grateful for the valuable the feedback that's helped us identify this issue. If you have any further feedback or comments please e-mail us at

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