Our Purple Standard is a commitment to both product quality and service, with the aim of delivering the very best experience for our customers. We measure this monthly against a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and annually with a Customer Satisfaction Survey, undertaken by The Leadership Factor, an independent specialist in Customer Satisfaction.

Each year we ask both retailers and consumers to take part in a telephone survey to give us feedback on everything from how easy it is to order products, through to product delivery and quality. We also ask for feedback on our sales team, our customer service advisors and marketing materials like our brochure and website. We're pleased to say that in our last survey, undertaken at the end of 2014, you gave us a Customer Satisfaction Index rating of 80% - an improvement on the previous year's score of 77%.

Our Highest Scores in 2014
You gave us our highest scores for the following (scores are shown out of ten):
8.9 Ease of placing an order
8.7 Product brochures
8.6 Speed and reliability of delivery
8.5 Product guarantees
8.4 Style and design of products

In fact, for ease of placing an order, and speed and reliability of delivery, you scored us above average in the both the industry and among other manufacturing companies surveyed by The Leadership Factor.

Areas Identified for Improvement in 2014
You also told us that there were some areas that we needed to improve. These included:

· Efficiency of dealing with queries
· Product quality
· Ease of contacting our salesteam

Below is a summary of the actions we have taken this year to improve in these areas:

Quality and Reliability of Products:
- Improved warranties and introduced a Lifetime Guarantee on sanitaryware and baths
- Introduced a 100% inspection process on all goods delivered in to us
- Created a new faulty/damaged inspection/escalation process
- Improved our customer communication when it comes to quality issues, ensuring customers are aware as soon as we have identified a problem
- Created a new Quality survey (launches in Q4) that is category specific. All feedback in the survey will be reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team

Helpfulness and ease of contacting Sales Rep:
- Ensured that all members of the sales team have included an alternative telephone number on their voicemail and email messaging services
- Invested in training for the sales team on Key Account Management processes
- Launched a new Key Account Manager survey to monitor the effectiveness of the quarterly review meeting

Efficiency of dealing with queries:
- Re-engineered and/or introduced a total of 31 new processes to ensure queries and complaints are dealt with more effectively
- Introduced a new escalation process where our dedicated customer experience manager personally deals with major issues
- Invested in a new product training programme for all Heritage sales and customer service team members
- Introduced a new and more user-friendly Returns Policy
- Created a customer reference guide for our processes

This Year's Survey
Launches in October and again, we'll be asking you to take part. We really value your opinion so if you get a call from The Leadership factor, we'd really appreciate your time. It should only take a few minutes. If you have any questions, then please speak to your Key Account Manager.

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